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We are a France-based creative agency, that makes branding, design & film with a strong emotional impact. At the heart of everything we do is our drive to create positive change.


Reveal, establish and implement the strategy that will connect you to your audiences.
Branding Agency

Brand platform, Brand Story, Naming, Tone of voice, Visual identity, Graphic charter, Trademark registration

Strategic planning, Sustainable marketing and communication strategy, Ad campaigns

Films and Brand Content

Brand films, Content concepts, Motion design, Eco-design studio, Podcasts, Interviews.


We love to work for international and french Brands and they place their trust in us.

Our creative agency works with clients of all sizes who recommend us.
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We are a purpose driven agency

Wild&Slow’s CSR maturity has been certified and labelled by Agence Lucie with a score of 813/1000 on the ISO 26000 reference framework. The Lucie Label awarded by an independent reference body reflects the excellence of our commitment to all 25 CSR principles.

We work towards responsible communication by developing our strategies around 3 key points: anti-greenwashing policy, advertising ethics and eco-design expertise.

Major changes can be a source of eco-anxiety. Our role as a committed creative agency is to positively inspire people to make the ecological and societal transition desirable.

To ensure that we use our creative energy wisely, we have decided to integrate our societal and environmental objectives into our business strategy. We give priority to collaborations with a positive impact and publish our sales figures every year to ensure that we are not involved in the most polluting sectors.

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