Our branding agency’s mission: to embody your personality, reveal your mission and bring your brand to life.

Our branding agency understands the life cycle of your private or public company. That’s why we know when to ask questions and when you need outside support.

Are you setting up your own company or start-up, and looking for the best name for your business ? Or are you entering a new stage of development ? Would you like to recast your identity so that it’s more in tune with your personality ? Or perhaps you’ve recently merged and need an authentic brand that’s more than just the sum of two worlds ?

Whatever your situation, our branding agency is here to help. We specialize in creating useful and sustainable brands, and can help you create, revamp or modernize your brand identity. With Wild&Slow, you can be sure of benefiting from top-level expertise in building a brand that truly represents you.

Wild & slow,A socially responsible brand content agency!

Brand identity

Thanks to a strong brand identity consistent with your history, you’ll be able to deliver a powerful emotional experience directly to all your target audiences. Naming, Logo, Signature : we think of all the elements of your branding in perfect harmony to gain in semiotic richness. To give your brand strategy a tangible reality, we complement it with a graphic charter and brand experience.

Brand platform

By spending time with you and using collaborative workshops, we reveal the soul of your brand. In this way, we give it a deeper meaning. Golden Circle (Simon Sinek), Brand Manifesto, Compass, Chinese Portrait, Brand Pitch and Signature are the main ingredients of the brand platform we deliver.

Legal support

At a time when 100,000 trademarks are registered with the INPI every year, legal issues play a major role in the brand creation process. From legal searches for identicality and similarity, to case law analysis, filing strategy, choice of classifications, INPI registration and post-filing follow-up, our support is complete.

Our branding services

Brand platform

Generartive logo

Logo and brand identity


Brand guidelines

Corporate brand

Legal support and trademark registration

Brand architecture

Brand pitch and manifesto

Looking for a branding agency ?

Our consultants team will be happy to
to work with you on your project or problem.


4 key points of Wild&Slow approach.
Our logos are : 

Emotionally rich logos with multiple meanings and interpretations.

From generative and responsive logos to animal and plant logos, we strive to bring life to your visual identities.

We value accuracy even more than creativity.To work, your logo has to be you and it has to be right for your brand platform.

Optional : eco-design
We can use our expertise in print and web eco-design to create a frugal visual identity using fewer resources.

Our agency's 6-step approach

Step 1 : Define your company's key personality traits.

Our brand platform support and 7 semiotic tools enable us to focus this digging stage on what defines you. The pitch, manifesto and signature are born of this strategic stage.

We like to create tailor-made names that are both simple and polysemous, and that resonate with the other components of your brand identity. What’s more, we work in partnership with an industrial property firm. This allows us to legally lock in your choice with an in-depth study.

Step 3 : design and creation of 3 logo tracks

It’s about connecting meaning and sign to create the logo that represents you best. In other words, extracting the essence of your brand and turning it into a simple, powerful vector form. To do this, we define and choose representations, typologies (monogram, letter lottery, typographic logo, mascot, crest…), and styles (classic, handmade, retro, minimalist, original).

Step 4 : Production of the brand guidelines 

The aim is to create a document that allows stakeholders to easily take ownership of the brand. This document includes : a personality guide, a charter, the color universe, typefaces, rules of use, stationery, and layout templates according to your needs.

Step 5 : File delivery

Our deliveries include :

  • Your logos in several formats : .ai, .jpg, .pdf, .png
  • Your brand guidelines in PDF HD and source files
  • Assignment of copyrights
    Optional : a launch strategy

Step 6 : Trademark registration

We can take care of the INPI registration for you. We can also advise you on the choice of categories and labels, as well as providing a monitoring service to protect your brand.

What our clients said

Magali Seyvet, All heroes

“Wild&Slow has given my company an image that is not only aligned and powerful. I’m really proud of it”.

Magali Seyvet, All heroes

Alexandre Buffard Naolyz

“Wild&Slow designed our identity and imagined our communication from A to Z. The branding agency was able to transcribe the soul and DNA we wanted to embody.“.

Alexandre Buffard, Marketing Manager of Groupe Scybl

New : Brand guidelines on Notion

For our Notion-equipped customers, we also produce digital brand guidelines on Notion. They are very practical for making all your assets easily available to the team for downloading.


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