Wild&Slow is a sustainable design agency.

We put our expertise in communication strategy, branding, eco-design and digital solutions at the service of a positive economy and more virtuous behaviors.

We reveal the mission of associations, institutions and brands in depth to make them stronger. It is from their unique personality and their usefulness that we build communication strategies.

Our mainspring : wild and slow communication.

In any development project there is this moment of slowness when we take a step back. We wonder about who we really are, our habits, our culture. This moment is the most beautiful that a brand can experience. It is the accuracy of this moment that will propel everything that comes after.

It is essential to understand that what forges our perceptions, our decisions, our human relationships, are our animality and our emotions. Whether it’s brand or people, the most ultimate accomplishment is to reveal the beast within us, because every beast is beautiful. Be vulnerable. Let go. Have the courage to be yourself. This is the basis of all sustainable communication.

Being a design agency: what does it mean?

In order to guarantee communication that is useful to society, which combines creativity, responsibility and performance, we have implemented consistent alignment between our way of doing our job and our commitments.

Creative impact: helping Slow brands reveal their Wild side.

Our role as a creative and committed agency is to be a force for change in society by making the ecological and societal transition exciting and desirable.

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Being a model of commitment: Wild&Slow is labeled CSR Lucie Progress with a score of 813/1000 on the ISO 26000 benchmark.

This rating, reflecting the excellence of our commitment to all 7 CSR themes, was obtained after less than 3 years of existence. The label is awarded by an independent body.

Our CSR approach

Responsible communication:

We do not see responsible communication as a brake on creativity. It is simply a question of bringing out a new vision. It’s an opportunity to make those who dress second-hand cool, to change the image of those who don’t drink, to give responsible brands the tools that will make them emerge. It’s a real playground in our strategies, and it fills our heart with meaning. We apply the Sustainable Development recommendation of the Advertising Regulatory Authority in order to protect our customers against involuntarily irresponsible messages or Greenwashing. And we offer our recognized print eco-design and web eco-design methodologies to our clients.

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Committed commercial policy

To ensure that our creativity is put to good use, we have decided to integrate our social and environmental objectives into our business strategy. Thus, we have classified the sectors of activity into 3 categories: desired collaborations, collaborations to be studied, and unwanted collaborations. Our objective: not to promote sectors affected by a climate conflict, and which have not taken sincere steps to challenge an old economic model.

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We are determined and committed to showcasing large-scale projects that benefit everyone.

Sustainable communication is communication in depth

The strongest and most authentic projects are those born of collective intelligence. We are nothing if we do not spend an important time to listen to each other, to reveal ourselves, and to put in motion the different points of view. Moreover, the debate and the contradiction are often extremely revealing. Your brand is plural. Your stakeholders are diverse and you do not always have the same version of the origin of your company. Similarly, not all of you have the same feelings about a creative project.

Therefore, our collaborations always start with workshops whose goal is to find the personality and the deep need of a brand.

Collaborative methods are deployed with benevolent leadership alternating low position and high position.

About Wild&Slow design agency.

Rural, then urban, then rural, we have always loved contact with nature, animals and the exploration of the deep self. We are happy to have been able to grow thanks to major projects. We were lucky to have arrived where we are thanks to a red thread: a job well done and integrity.

Advertising has served blind capitalism for too long, not hesitating to tell millions of viewers that a chocolate bar is the equivalent of a large glass of milk. Telling false truths, dragging consumers down, feeding stereotypes and eco-anxiety, greenwashing, promoting the most polluting products… all of this is neither necessary nor desirable.

Another way of doing things is emerging, authentic, honest, consistent, and we put our hearts into it.

In short, helping Slow brands reveal their Wild side to become better than Fast and Furious brands.

We are not here to do empty brand decoration with publicity tactics.

Our network

Our agency is small (less than 10 people) and it will remain so.

In addition, our presence in the market has led us to build a network of around fifty trusted partners who share our vision. They are of all sizes: freelancers, VSEs, SMEs. Their know-how is complementary to ours. We work in close collaboration and with a certain relational vision based on trust and human warmth. Being a sustainable communication agency also means ensuring that our relationships go well beyond the purely transactional.

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