Creating your heritage.

Alongside your major speaking engagements, there’s what you produce all year round. Editions, brochures, videos, experiences, events, great posts. All these touchpoints are a way of engaging your audiences on a regular basis. So much so that they become your brand heritage.

That brochure or film that has stood the test of time. That Linkedin post that engaged thousands last year. That photo we now have hanging in our offices.

Our agency uses brand content to create strong connections with your community, because believe us, you have plenty of topics on which you have the potential to speak out creatively.

Milk it !

When you invest in content creation, you don’t do it to string pearls, you milk it. This means exploiting its full potential, using it in as many situations as possible.
For example, the basic deal with a tourism influencer is to get them to come to a territory and talk about us to their community. At Wild&Slow, we think differently. We buy the rights to the content, share it with your community (which is often larger than the influencer’s) in the form of articles or social network posts, use articles written for your brochures, and use their best visuals in an advertising campaign. In the end, we increase the reach of your Brand Content tenfold.

We support you.

We put at your service our organizational rigor, our eco-design know-how, and our network of producers / printers / graphic designers / copywriters… to develop for you the powerful content that will bring your brand to life.

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Content recycling

Thanks to our pragmatic approach, we can produce videos for you without filming. To do this, we reuse content that has already been shot:

  • Rushes from your previous shoots (because when you make a video, the final film is just a small piece of everything you’ve shot)
  • Requests to your partners
  • Identification on the Web (e.g. Instagram) and on sites that feature a Creative Commons filter.

Our method: we identify, we find, we contact, we make sure it’s exploitable, and that the legal framework is favorable.

Mode responsable, communication developpement durable

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