An innovative branding for Ille & Vilaine Tourisme

Ille & Vilaine Tourisme’s mission is to support and network all those involved in tourism development in Ille-et-Vilaine. This includes accommodation, leisure and catering professionals, as well as institutional players of all kinds. The common objective is to develop and structure an offer aimed at local and proximity targets, around slow themes, and with a responsible travel approach. With this in mind, we were commissioned to create a new identity, a territory story and a graphic charter. Our aim: to radiate the personality and soul of Ille-et-Vilaine, while fully embracing the region’s DNA.

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A history of co-construction

We built this identity using a method of co-construction, involving the players in the Bretille region. From the marketing overhaul in 2020 carried out by Inkipit prior to our intervention, to the construction of the brand story, right through to the creation of the name and visual identity, we mobilized a mix of players from all over the region.
It’s also a story of co-construction between two agencies. The Wild&Slow and Scopic agencies worked together on the project.
This took the form of numerous meetings, interviews and workshops with the project team, staff from the Territoires and Pros divisions, Breton tourism professionals and institutions, and elected members of the departmental committee, over a two-year period.
As a result, the various challenges facing Ille & Vilaine Tourisme were identified, and a collective spirit was established that will continue to develop. In short: fertile ground for innovative branding.

Naming : restoring the department to its former glory.

Previously identified under the Haute-Bretagne brand, we proposed to our customer a name that would restore Ille-et-Vilaine’s credentials: Ille & Vilaine Tourisme. Quite simply! Because it’s clearer and because there’s no need to have any complexes: Ille-et-Vilaine is beautiful.

A new brand pitch

This is the marketing positioning we started from: transforming the familiar into the singular, marveling at the daily experiences of Ille-et-Vilaine, with its human faces, to (re)discover the region by walking through it.
With the help of workshops and the Golden Circle method, we wrote a new brand pitch, just the way we like it, that poetically sets out the region’s ambition and singular vision for tourism.

Plateforme de marque tourisme ille & vilaine

An innovative branding with a generative logo.

Among all the visual identity ideas presented, the generative logo was chosen. Innovative and unique, reflecting the emotional richness of the region, this logo is sensitive, spontaneous and gentle. It reflects a desire for more horizontal, more open, more sensitive marketing.

In a world where most logos are based on the principle of identical repetition of a visual sign with the aim of memorization, we wanted to make our logo a rich emotional experience, with the aim of impact and meaning. We gave ourselves permission to be more astonishing than a simple, fixed, identical logo for every speech, leaving room for letting go.

Because the real journey isn’t about seeking out new landscapes, but having new eyes, we opted for a visual identity as protean as the diversity of landscapes, and as sensitive as the gaze of each individual.

Principes fondateurs metalogo
principe de variation logo génératif
15 logotypes générés pour Ille & Vilaine Tourisme
Branding papeterie ille et vilaine tourisme
plaque signaletique identité visuelle
mug goodies identité visuelle

Did you say generative design?

Originating in the 1870s, and revived in the 2000s thanks to the creative power of digital technology, generative design is an iterative design method using sequences of operations to obtain a result that depends on given variables. It’s a self-generating artistic creation with elements of recognition and elements of variation. We’re so passionate about this approach to design that we made it the subject of one of our first blog posts: metalogo or the generative logo.


Created by Wild&Slow + Scopic
Creative director: Julien Massiot
Consulting: Edith Chartier / Julien Massiot
Logo design: Julien Thébault / Julien Massiot
Graphic charter: Ezekiel Vienne / Julien Genoulaz

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